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Saving energy and improving light output

Saving energy and improving light output are topics that play an increasingly important role. People are looking for increased effectiveness and soon end up at LightShine Cleaning.

This is because cleaning the fittings in your greenhouse and keeping them clean is a simple way of cutting costs. Applying the same ingenuity as the growers themselves, we turn this normally labour-intensive task into a fast and effective job. Thanks to the mobile cleaning machines of LightShine Cleaning, we quickly bring your fittings back to perfect condition! Not only does this result in a significantly higher light output, but also a longer lifespan of your lighting systems. LightShine Cleaning offers a total package from dismantling, cleaning the reflectors (reflector hoods) and light bulbs to reassembling the fittings, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we provide our customers with the necessary products to enable in-house cleaning. We are also the place to be for the purchase or sale of second-hand lighting systems.

Cleaning of reflectors and fittings

Cleaning of light bulbs and LED fittings

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