LightShine Cleaning

Grow light is one of the most important factors for the growth and development of your crops. We ensure maximum light output through periodic cleaning.

  • Cleaning reflectors / fixtures
  • Sales of new reflectors
  • Lamp Bulbs of Assimilation Lighting and LED fixtures
  • Sell related products
  • Second-hand lighting
What we do
Mobile car wash or mobile cleaning of shopping trolleys

Cleaning of reflectors and fittings

By regularly cleaning the reflectors of your light fittings, you achieve maximum light reflection and thus a higher light output. A higher light output results in a more effective growth process for your crops. Your reflectors will also last longer and therefore cleaning them results in cost savings. In short, regular cleaning will benefit you.

Sales of new reflectors

  • Reflector NL0001
  • High class replacement of
    BETA reflectors
  • VEGA material 99,99% pure
    aluminium / 95% effi ciency
  • 265mm long
    x 237 mm wide x 113 mm high
  • Medium wide beam angle > 130 degree
  • Great uniformity and light
    penetration in the crop
We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Cleaning of light bulbs and LED

Throughout the year, layers of dust and/or other contaminations accumulate on the bulbs, causing burn-in. Burn-in causes a higher temperature in the bulb, thus shortening its lifespan.

Periodic cleaning of the light bulbs and LED fixtures is also part of the methodology of realising optimal light output.

We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Associated products

We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

  • BOLcleaner
  • LEDcleaner
  • BOLcleaner wipes
  • Paper wipes
  • Storage boxes
  • Stacking sticks
  • Leaf cutting blades
We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Second hand lighting

If your crops need less lighting, you can opt for second-hand lighting. Depending on your desired grow light, we have batches of reflectors with up to 98% reflection values. You can also contact us if you would like to sell your used reflectors because you are buying new or otherwise.

LightShine Cleaning wipes

Extremely suitable cleaning wipes for bulbs and LED fixtures. This all-in-one Lightshine Cleaning wipe loosens dirt and pulls the
dirt into the wipe. The wipes are ready-to-use cleaning wipes for single
use and suitable for use on surfaces that are contaminated. Give your
bulb or LED fixture a good wipe with a wipe and throw the wipe away.

  • 500 wipes perr rol
  • 2 rolls per box
  • Wipe size: 20 x 18 cm
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About LightShine

LightShine Cleaning offers sustainable and innovative solutions to optimise your light output. With our advanced mobile machines, we can perform periodic maintenance in a very short period of time.

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Advantages of cleaning reflectors and fittings

  • Increased light output in both LED lighting and assimilation lighting
  • Cost savings by extending the lifespan of assimilation hoods + LED.
  • With regard to LED lighting, we can provide you with the right cleaning products to carry out the cleaning in-house.
  • Measurable result – specified in measurement report
  • Effective and environmentally friendly method
  • Time savings through mobile mechanical cleaning

Increased light output for optimal growth

With just an annual cleaning of your reflectors, light bulbs or LED modules, you will achieve a demonstrable optimal light output of up to 9% at reduced costs. After all, in the event of 1% contamination you will need 1% more energy to produce the same level of grow light.

We already provide our cleaning to the following greenhouse horticulture companies:

LightShine Cleaning is a local company and therefore preferred, with pricing that is comparable to others, while offering a high quality combined with a flexible and friendly service. We care about the service we provide and the work we do. We agree when something should be finished and they keep their promise.

Our hoods come out well in the annual measurements, which is reassuring to know. Maintenance is always performed properly. By keeping the hoods clean, you maintain a better light reflection.

L. van der Knaap, Roots Growers

We were one of LightShine’s first customers. The quality and washing time are very good and it is nice that many reflectors can be washed efficiently in one day. The service and execution is always very good. The cleaning result is good, probably also because we have it done annually and therefore keep track of it, the life of the reflectors will also be longer. 

R. Ammerlaan, Ammerlaan Flowers B.V.