Lightshine Cleaning wipes

Extremely convenient cleaning wipes for bulbs and LED fixtures. This all-in-one LED cleaning wipe loosens dirt and draws the dirt into the wipe. These cleaning wipes are ready-to-use, single-use and suitable for surfaces that are soiled. Give the bulb or LED Fixture a good wipe with the wipe and then discard the wipe.

  • 500 wipes per roll
  • 2 rolls per box
  • Wipe size: 20 x 18 cm
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Lightshine Cleaning

Growing light is one of the most important factors for the growth and development of your crop. We ensure maximum light output through periodic cleaning.

  • Cleaning reflectors
  • Cleaning LED fixtures
  • Sale of new reflectors
  • Sales of LED cleaning wipes
  • Sale of related products
  • Purchase and sale of used HPS fixtures
What we do
Mobile car wash or mobile cleaning of shopping trolleys

Cleaning reflectors and fixtures

By regularly cleaning the reflectors of your fixtures, you achieve maximum light reflection and therefore more light output. More light output results in a better growth process of your crop. Your reflectors will also last longer, making cleaning will yield cost savings. In short, a regular cleaning will benefit you.

Sales of new reflectors

  • Reflector NL0001
  • First-class replacement of BETA reflectors
  • VEGA material 99.99% pure aluminum / 95% efficiency
  • 265 mm long x 237 mm wide x 113 mm high
  • 130 degree beam angle
  • Great uniformity and light penetration into the crop
We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Cleaning lamp bulbs and LED

Throughout the year, a layer of dust and/or dirt gets on the bulbs this causes burn-in. The burn-in causes a higher temperature in the bulb which will shorten its life span.

Periodic cleaning of lamp bulbs and LED fixtures is also part of realizing optimal light output.

We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Associated products

We provide associated products that you can order for your own implementation or support thereof.

  • LED Cleaning Wipes
  • BOL cleaner wipes
  • Paper wipes
  • Storage boxes
  • Stacking sticks
  • Blade cutters
We supply associated products that you can order for your use in-house or support purposes.

Second-hand growlight

Buying and selling used HPS installations. Lightshine Cleaning buys and sells used complete lighting installations.

If you have made the switch to new lighting it is of course possible to contact us to see if a takeover of the lighting can be realized.

About Lightshine Cleaning

Lightshine Cleaning offers sustainable and innovative solutions to optimize your light output. With our advanced mobile machines, we can perform periodic maintenance in a very short time frame.

Good to know:

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Benefits of reflector and fixture cleaning

  • Increase light output both with LED lighting and assimilation lighting
  • Cost savings by extending lifespan of assimilation reflectors + LED.
  • With regard to LED lighting, we can provide you with the right cleaning products to do the cleaning in-house.
  • Measurable result – specified in measurement report
  • Effective and environmentally friendly working method
  • Time savings through mobile machine cleaning

Increased light output for optimal growth

With just an annual cleaning of your reflectors, lamp bulbs or LED fixtures, you will achieve a demonstrably optimal light output of up to 9% at a reduced cost. After all, with 1% pollution, you need 1% more energy for the same growing light.

We already clean at the following companies in the greenhouse industry:

LigthShine Cleaning is a local company which is quickly preferred for us, the price is good compared to others, the quality is good and the service is flexible and friendly. We have little concern about service and execution. We agree on when something needs to be done and it is carried out without problems.

Our reflectors come out well in the measurement every year, which is nice. Maintenance is always performed as required. By keeping the reflectors clean, you maintain better light reflection.

L. van der Knaap, Roots Growers

Wij waren een van de eerste klanten van LightShine. De kwaliteit en wasduur is erg goed en het is prettig dat er op een efficiënte wijze veel reflectoren kunnen worden gewassen op één dag. De service en uitvoering is altijd erg goed. Het reinigingsresultaat is goed, dit waarschijnlijk ook omdat wij het jaarlijks laten doen en dus bijhouden, de levensduur van de reflectoren zal hierdoor ook langer zijn. 

R. Ammerlaan, Ammerlaan Flowers B.V.