Projects of LightShine Cleaning

Mobile cleaning machines for fittings at companies

The mobile cleaning machines from LightShine Cleaning are used at various companies, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The greenhouse horticulture companies are still the largest buyers of our services on account of the number of fittings and the historic ties of LightShine Cleaning with the Westland region. However, our services are growing increasingly popular outside this sector as well. In addition to cleaning reflectors in various industrial units, our services are also used, for example, in football stadiums and farms.

About 98% of all types of reflectors can be cleaned with our mobile cleaning machines.

LightShine Cleaning at Roots Growers

“LightShine Cleaning is a local company and therefore preferred, with pricing that is comparable to others, while offering a high quality combined with a flexible and friendly service. We care about the service we provide and the work we do. We agree when something should be finished and they keep their promise.

Our hoods come out well in the annual measurements, which is reassuring to know. Maintenance is always performed properly. By keeping the hoods clean, you maintain a better light reflection.”

L. van der Knaap, Roots Growers

LightShine Cleaning at Westeringh Flowers

We opted for LightShine because of the service, quality, cleaning time and the possibility of on-site cleaning. The procedure is smart, very fast and very neat. We are extremely satisfied with the cleaning result. The reflectors are cleaned thoroughly and have a longer lifespan.

J. Westeringh, Westeringh Flowers