Cleaning lamp bulbs of assimilation lighting and/or LED modules

Cleaning maintenance for light bulbs

Cleaning lamp bulbs should not be forgotten. Dirty lamp bulbs logically result in less light. Lamp bulbs pollute over time especially with dust and pollution such as atomization from crop control, tillage and so on. Once a polluted (greasy) lamp bulb attracts more pollution again. In addition, the temperature in a lamp bulb will increase after it has been contaminated, causing a negative effect on the life of the lamp bulb.

In short, lamp cleaning maintenance is at least as important as reflector cleaning.

LightShine Cleaning wipes

Extremely suitable cleaning cloths for bulbs and LED modules. This all-in-one LED cleaning wipe loosens and pulls out dirt in the wipe. These cleaning wipes are ready-to-use single-use and suitable for surfaces that are contaminated. Give the bulb or LED module a good wipe with the cloth and then discard the cloth.

  • 500 wipes per rol
  • 2 roll per box
  • Wipe size: 20 x 18 cm
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Manual cleaning of lamp bulbs

The cleaning of lamp bulbs is done manually. When dismantling/assembling the fixtures/reflectors, we include the cleaning of lamp bulbs directly. The cleaning of lamp bulbs is done using a special cleaning agent developed by us called BOLcleaner. The BOLcleaner is applied manually. There are different products of BOLcleaner available from us with different handling methods. You can let us clean the lamp bulbs while cleaning the reflectors but you can also keep it in-house. We offer our associated products so you can get started yourself.

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LED Modules

LED lighting is increasingly entering the horticultural industry. LED lighting can provide higher efficiency in light output and longer lifetime. There are also greater opportunities to put together crop-specific lighting recipes. But LED lighting also requires maintenance of the LED Modules.

In collaboration with Philips, we have developed our LED cleaning wipes specifically for cleaning LED Modules. LED Modules are generally easy to clean but should be done manually by wiping the LED Modules. With the specifically developed LED cleaning wipes, carrying out the maintenance of your LED Modules can be done in-house. You can contact us for tailored advice on the maintenance of your LED Modules.

LightShine Cleaning cleans grow light reflectors at Hull City FC

LightShine Cleaning, as a grow light reflector cleaning specialist, has made an energy efficiency improvement at English soccer club Hull City FC.

Jeffrey van der Bogert of Lightshine Cleaning: “At the supplemental lighting fixtures of Hull City FC we measured a contamination of the lamps and reflectors of 5.6%. After cleaning these reflectors with our specially developed cleaning machine and lamp cleaner, we can improve the efficiency by 4.6%. This means that we can realize energy savings of more than €15 per reflector. This quickly adds up to €6,000 for the whole grow light installation.” Regular maintenance of the reflectors and lamps also saves on the reinvestment of new reflectors. Every year, LightShine Cleaning tours British soccer stadiums to provide grow light installations with efficiency improvements.