Cleaning light bulbs of assimilation lighting and/or LED modules

Cleaning and maintenance service for light bulbs

Cleaning the light bulbs should not be forgotten. Dirty light bulbs logically emit less light. Over time, light bulbs become contaminated mainly in the form of dust and contaminants due to crop protection agents, soil tillage, etc. Once contaminated, (greasy) light bulbs attract more dirt. In addition, the temperature in a light bulb will increase after it is contaminated, which has a negative effect on its lifespan.
In short, a cleaning and maintenance service for the light bulbs is just as important as cleaning the reflectors.

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LightShine Cleaning wipes

Uitermate geschikte reinigingsdoekjes voor bollen en LED modules. Deze alles-in-één Lightshine Cleaning wipe maakt vuil los en trekt het vuil in de wipe. De wipes zijn gebruiksklare reinigingsdoekjes voor eenmalig gebruik en geschikt voor oppervlakten die vervuilt zijn. Geef de bol of LED module een goede veeg met de doek en gooi daarna de doek weg.

  • 500 wipes per rol
  • 2 roll per box
  • Wipe afmeting: 20 x 18 cm
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Manual cleaning of light bulbs

Light bulbs are cleaned manually. When disassembling/assembling the fittings/reflectors, we include the cleaning of the lamp bulbs. The light bulbs are cleaned using a cleaning agent called BOLcleaner, specially developed by us. BOLcleaner is applied manually. Various BOLcleaner products are available from us, with varying handling methods. You can instruct us to clean the light bulbs while cleaning the reflectors, but you can also do it yourself. Our associated products can be purchased from us, so you can get started yourself.

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LED Modules

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular in horticulture. This is because LED lighting can produce higher levels of efficiency in light output and a longer lifespan. At the same, it offers better possibilities for composing crop-specific light recipes. However, LED lighting requires maintenance of the LED Modules, just as in traditional light solutions.
We developed our LED cleaner in collaboration with Philips and it is specifically intended for cleaning LED Modules. The LED Modules are generally easy to clean, but it is a manual process. Thanks to the specially developed LEDcleaner, you can carry out the maintenance of your LED Modules in-house. You can contact us for tailor-made advice for maintaining your LED Modules.

LightShine Cleaning cleans grow light reflectors at Hull City FC

LightShine Cleaning, as a grow light reflector cleaning specialist, has realised an energy efficiency improvement at Hull City FC.
Jeff van der Bogert of Lightshine Cleaning: “In the grow light fittings from Hull City FC, the level of contamination we measured in the lights and reflectors was 5.6%. After cleaning these reflectors with our specially developed cleaning machine and light cleaner, we can improve efficiency by 4.6%. This means we can realise energy savings of more than € 15 per reflector. This quickly rises to € 6,000 for the entire grow light system.” Regular maintenance of the reflectors and lights also generates savings on the reinvestment of new reflectors. Every year, LightShine Cleaning visits British football stadiums to increase the efficiency of the grow light systems.