Buying and selling second hand grow lighting

Grow light for better light output

Purchasing new reflectors, fixtures and LED Modules ensures that you need several years to recoup your investment. In some situations, it might be convenient not to make a large investment or for a shorter period of time. Consider a future switch to other fixtures / LED modules but the current reflectors are already depleted and you want to bridge the gap with a better light output than the current situation. It could also be that your crop simply needs less growing light. In cases like this, second-hand lighting can be a godsend.

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Measurement laboratory for the reflection rate

LightShine Cleaning buys and sells used complete lighting installations and thoroughly cleans the fixtures / reflectors. With the thorough cleaning we can achieve up to 98% reflectance in some cases with used reflectors. LightShine Cleaning has a measurement laboratory that allows us to measure exactly what the reflectance percentage of used lighting is. Tailored to the desired amount of exposure, we can provide you with various fixtures / reflectors.

If you have made the switch to new lighting it is of course also possible to contact us to see if a takeover of the lighting can be realized.