Cleaning LED modules

The use of LED lighting has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This has led to various new developments, such as the use of LED modules in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Lightshine and Philips Lighting have collaborated closely and developed a new service that is unique in the Netherlands and Europe. Lightshine is the only company that can clean your LED modules on site. It enables you to maintain a maximum light return, which, certainly in greenhouse horticulture, makes a big difference for your crop. After all, more light means a better growing crop. Our cleaning method is also suitable for businesses in other sectors.

Cleaning on site without disruption

A Lightshine employee cleans the LED modules with a semi-automatic machine. This method not only means the cleaning time is short, but also allows all the modules to remain where they are. Your operations will not be disrupted and you immediately benefit from the additional light.

Tested and approved by Philips Lighting

Lightshine uses its own cleaning products, which we have specially developed for the cleaning of LED modules. These products have been extensively tested and approved by Philips Lighting. Tests carried out by Philips have shown that LED modules cleaned by Lightshine result in an additional return of no less than 3-4%

No LED modules?

Also businesses not currently using LED modules can increase the light return of their lighting by cleaning the lamps with bulb cleaner, which we have specially developed for the cleaning of normal lamps. Just use this cleaning agent and cleaning cloths for bulbs to easily remove any dirt from your lamps. Lightshine also provides this service in combination with the cleaning of your reflectors.

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