Our method

First we determine the location of the activities and where you wish to have the reflectors cleaned, on site or at Lightshine.



Cleaning on site

For reasons of hygiene, 90% of our cleaning jobs are carried out on site and the mobile cleaning machines are always fully decontaminated after each job. Another major advantage of cleaning on site is that the reflectors can be fitted immediately. The only requirements we have is that our cleaning machine should be connected to water mains and power. It is also possible for you to have Lightshine perform any additional tasks, giving you peace of mind. This means we not only clean the reflectors, but we also remove them and fit the hoods after cleaning. Offering you a maximum service with minimum disruption.

This is how cleaning on site works:

  • The mobile cleaning machine is installed and connected to the water mains and power on site.
  • The reflectors are removed in batches by youself or a Lightshine employee and taken to the machine.
  • One by one the dirty hoods are placed onto the conveyor belt of the cleaning machine by a Lightshine employee.
  • The reflectors are cleaned and blow dried in the machine.
  • The clean reflectors are stacked, and ready for fitting; this can be carried out by one of your own employees or by a Lighshine employee, again in batches.
  • In order to obtain a maximum return, the bulbs are also cleaned during fitting with a special Lightshine bulb cleaner.


Cleaning at Lightshine

In some cases the customer will prefer not to have the reflectors cleaned on site, but at Lightshine instead. We can take care of this for you. This does involve the additional cost of the transportation of the reflectors, and the reflectors will be removed for a longer period.

This is how cleaning at Lightshine works:

  • First you will need to remove the reflectors and have them transported to Lightshine.
  • The dirty hoods are then cleaned and blow dried in the cleaning machine, as described above.
  • The clean reflectors are then stacked and kept in our storage until you collect them at the agreed time.
  • You will then fit all the collected reflectors to the light fixtures.


Long-term relationship

The services provided by Lightshine are focused on maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers. After all, everyone benefits from a good, lasting result. We therefore pay a lot of attention to our aftercare. We provide clear advice on the annual maintenance of your light fixtures, which we support with precise measurements. The measurement reports of all our customers are all kept on file, enabling us to provide a tailor-made advice. We would be glad to assist you in realizing a suitable method to realize and maintain maximum light reflection.

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