Sale LED TL lighting

Lightshine provides cleaning services for lighting fixtures and LED modules, but you can also contact us if you wish to purchase LED TL lighting. We supply various types of LED TL lighting. Lightshine supplies the right lighting products that are suitable for all types of business spaces, such as barns and packing areas, cold or warm, and production lighting.

Advantages LED TL lighting

The use of LED TL has increased enormously in the Netherlands and abroad, which is mainly due to its many benefits.

LED TL lighting is:

  • energy efficient - replacing the 'old' TL lighting will reduce your power bill by 80%.
  • sustainable - LED TL lighting lasts much longer than normal TL lighting.
  • environmentally friendly - in addition to consuming less power, the lighting fixtures can just be disposed of as normal waste, instead of as chemical waste.

LED TL lighting also does not require time to warm up as the light immediately gives off maximum light and does not radiate heat. It offers many advantages and is very affordable!

No need for new light fixtures

Businesses often postpone the purchase of LED TL lighting, as they think that this involves the replacement of the light fixtures. However, we have some good news: you do not need to replace your light fixtures. Lightshine LED TL lights do not require new light fixtures. The only thing you need to do, which is easy, is remove the starters, as LED TL lighting does not need starters. After removing the starters, you can fit the LED TL lighting and enjoy carefree, energy conserving and cost saving lighting. A worthwhile investment!

Would you like to know more?
Would you like to know more about purchasing LED TL lighting or would you like to know which LED TL lights would best suit your purchase? Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to assist you.

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